Elk and Bison Prairie

The Elk and Bison Prairie in at LBL is an exciting trip for the whole family. This natural wildlife habitat enables you to drive through and see Elk, Bison, turkeys, and more in their natural habitat.

The Elk and Bison Prairie is an outdoor adventure for the whole family. Travel in your vehicle around the 3.5 mile loop taking you through over 700 acres of Elk and Bison natural habitat.

Elk and Bison Prairie

Visitor Info:

Open for you to visit 365 days a year, the Elk and Bison Prairie resembles a wildlife natural habitat. You'll see Elk, Bison, turkeys, and small game wandering freely throughout this enclosed sanctuary.

About the Elk and Bison Prairie

The planning and development for the prairie loop began in the 1970s. Some years later, the Elk and Bison were officially reintroduced to the area and the park was open for business.

Each spring, the park uses controlled burns to maintain the prairie's dead grass and deteriorating growth. Springtime is also a time when the Elk and Bison begin to shed their winter coats.

The summer months can be quite hot in the area. The elk and bison are typically near shade trees or cooling off in the ponds. Plan your trip around the early morning or late evening for a better chance to see the animals. This is when they'll be the most active.

Travel Trip: Be sure to bring your binoculars to get a closer look at the wildlife.