The Rock Quarry at Kentucky Lake

Check out the Rock Quarry (aka Party Cove) located in Kentucky Lake near Land Between the Lakes in Western Kentucky. It's certainly one of the most popular spots to check out on the lakes.

The Rock Quarry, also known as Party Cove, is a popular attraction located on Kentucky Lake in the Land Between the Lakes area.

You'll often find a number of boats anchored near the quarry cheering on the brave people willing to jump off the ledge. The quarry itself is around 115 feet deep and is surrounded by a rock cliff and ledges. The sides of the rock are also covered in unique graffiti which often changes.

You can access the rock quarry by boat or through a hike via the Hillman Ferry Campground (though, most people just access it by boat).

As fun as it looks, About Kentucky Lake does not recommend diving from the ledge - that’s something we’ll leave to people braver than us and something they’ll do at their own risk.