Kentucky Hunting License

Hunters and trappers in Kentucky must have a hunting license while they are out hunting.

Hunting License and Permits in Kentucky

In order to hunt or trap in Kentucky, you must get a hunting license/permit and carry it while you are out hunting. Each person hunting must have their own license or permit unless they happen to be exempt for obtaining one.

Did you lose your license? You can get a free replacement by contacting the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. Remember - hunters that do not obtain or carry their license with them are at risk of getting a citation.

License Exempt Hunting

There are a few cases in which a hunter does not have to get a license or permit for hunting. Children under the age of 12 are not required to purchase licenses (with the exception of elk hunting). If you have a child participating in Kentucky’s Free Youth Hunting or Free Youth Deer Hunting Weekend and are accompanying them but not hunting yourself, you are not required to have a license or permit.

You're not required to get a license if you are owners (owner, spouse, or child) of farmlands and you are hunting upon your own landing during an open season.

Where to get Kentucky Hunting License and Permits?

There are a number of places to get your hunting license and permits. You’ll need to provide the Social Security number of the person hunting. You can get a license in person, online, or by phone. The toll-free number for getting a license is 1-877-598-2401.

You can get a license online by visiting:

To see a list of places to get a license in person, check out the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife website at: