Kentucky Lake Hunting Seasons

Get information on hunting seasons in Western Kentucky based on the different hunting zones in the area.

Deer Hunting Season 2016-2017

Deer hunting season is a popular activity throughout Western Kentucky. You may be wondering when is deer season in Kentucky? When is gun season? We’ve put together a little information that may help your hunt this year. As always, be sure to check the official Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources for the most up-to-date and accurate information!

Zone 1

Modern Gun Nov 12-27 (either sex)
Archery Sept 3 to Dec 31 (either sex)
Crossbow Oct 1-16 and Nov 12 - Dec 31 (either sex)
Muzzleloader Oct 15-16 and Dec 10-18 (ether sex)
Youth-only Firearms Oct 8-9 (either sex)
Free Youth Weekend Dec 31 - Jan 1 (either sex)