Mountain Biking at LBL

The Land Between the Lakes area has some of the best mountain biking in Western Kentucky. Whether you're looking for a casual bike ride or a trek down the single-track, you'll definitely find plenty of trails near Kentucky Lake.

Land Between the Lakes offers some of the best mountain biking in Western Kentucky. Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced rider, you're certain to find plenty of great areas to ride throughout LBL and Kentucky Lake.

Canal Loop Trail

The Canal Loop is a popular mountain biking trail among the locals. It features a series of 3 loops connecting together to form a total of 11-miles of trails for mountain biking. If you don’t have time for the full loop, the shortest portion of the trail is just over 1-mile.

This trail is a must visit for any avid mountain biker. This is a single track trail that is permitted to both bikers and hikers. Camping is also permitted within the trail system.

Trailhead: North Welcome Station

North End of North/South Trail

The North/South Trail runs along the entire length of Land Between the Lakes. The North End of the trail is a single track trail available for mountain biking, hiking, and backpacking.

This trail also offers overnight camping at a distance of 50 feet away from the main trail, although a permit is required (available at the North Welcome Station).

Trailhead: Golden Pond Visitor Center, North Welcome Station, Jenny Ridge Picnic Area

Central Hardwoods Scenic Trail

The Central Hardwoods Scenic Trail connects both Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. This is another great riding trail that is multiple use for both mountain bikers and hikers.

The Central Hardwoods Scenic Trail has over 11 miles of trail. The majority of the trail is stone with the remaining parts being paved asphalt. Note that overnight camping is NOT allowed on this trail.

Trailhead: Cumberland and Parking Lots

Hillman Heritage National Recreation Trail

The Hillman Ferry Campground has ~5.5miles of trails throughout the area. The trails are open to the public for hiking and, in certain areas, biking.

The trail consists of a series of 4 loops taking you through the trail system.

Trailhead: Area A in Hillman Ferry or via Bohanan Loop